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Mechanical Engineering education in Zonguldak dates back to 1962. Technical School of   Mining in 1949, was moved to İstanbul in 1961. Then, with ‘ the law about the establishment of a new technical school in Zonguldak’ the attempts were resumed, while the building constructions were going on, this technical school was transformed into the State Academy of Engineering and Architecture with the law article numbered 1184.

The academy which included the departments of Mining, Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering according to the law article numbered 1184 was transformed into the Faculty of Engineering which includes the departments of Mining and Mechanical Engineering with the decree in the law article numbered 41 in 1981 and was made a part of the Hacettepe University by the name of Zonguldak Faculty of Engineering on 20.07.1982. Upon the establisment of Zonguldak Karaelmas University with the law article numbered 3837, this faculty which is the fundemental of the university. evening education that starts after from 5.30pm has been begun as from 2001-2002 fall term. Graduate program at the department commenced with a M.Sc. program in 1985 was established. As from 2009, joint PhD education started with Sakarya University.
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